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Underprivileged kids worldwide lack the footwear and gear to play a sport of their passion to the maximum capabilities. Such an issue can put them in danger for injuries and other medical conditions. Not having the proper gear hinders their playing ability and overall enjoyment of the sport. 


Cleat For Feet is a non-profit organization that collects donations and redistributes used soccer gear to underprivileged children and athletes worldwide. Through our activities and projects, we provide an opportunity for the future and ensure a safe environment for young athletes to play in.


Provide Opportunity

By providing soccer gear to young athletes in need worldwide, we open the doors to the opportunity to future athletic careers. We hope to develop the next Messi or Ronaldo !!!

Ensure Health and Safety

With donations of footwear and sports equipment, we support fitness and physical activity in our fight against unhealthy living. Cleats and other gears prevent injuries and diseases that be contracted during unsafe play.

Expand The Team

Cleat for Feet is most effective when we receive donations from a variety of locations. In order to do that our team continues to expand across the country. We currently have a team consisting of middle school to college students spread out in California, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Promote the Sport

Cleat For Feet promotes the most internationally played sport of soccer. This sport is played everywhere from the largest cities to the smallest villages, always bringing people, groups, and nations together. 


Cleat for Feet's team is entirely volunteer based. All our team members passionately work towards making the world a better place for others around the world.

Collaborate With Others

We collaborate with local and international soccer clubs, charities, and non-profits. They support our mission and help us in making an impact. 


Aman Malik

The Team

Siraaj Sumar

Head of Operations- North East

Aaron Chang

Head of Operations- West Coast

Doug Solari

Head of Operations - South East

Rohith Kumar​


Head of Operations- Canada

Ansh Patel

Co - Blog Editor

Darsh Patel


Co - Blog Editor

Nimay Mahajan



Sean Simms


Noah Ross


Akhil Paladugu



Ayush Desai​



Ansh Malik

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